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5F Miso Ramen no Yoshino


Founded in Asahikawa, Hokkaido in 1968. A delicate balance of a soup made from pork bones and vegetables, which took 10 years to develop, as well as a rich sauce aged in barrels, and 4 types of miso blended together. The chewy, wavy noodles made from 100% hokkaido flour is a perfect match with the soup. This is a store that boasts being one of the most popular stores in Sapporo and Asahikawa, cities known for miso.
Miso Ramen no Yoshino/en

5F Hakata Teppan Yatai / Ganso Maze-ramen no mise Nishieshoten


Produced by Ramen Jinanbo, which was number 1 in the Fukuoka Ramen General Election (2009) and number 1 two years in a row in sales at the Kumamoto Ramen Festival (2011, 2012). The "edible tonkotsu (pork bones)" or tabeton, which condenses the tonkotsu soup, and the special seafood soy sauce ramen produces a totally new kind of flavor! Don't miss the staple yatai (night stall) menu items and popular Hakata dishes as well.
Hakata Teppan Yatai / Ganso Maze-ramen no mise Nishieshoten/en

5F Tentenyu Kyoto Style Chinese Soba Noodles


This is a famous restaurant said to the be symbol of Kyoto's Ichijoji area. Their milky soup is made by boiling chicken stock for over 11 hours. Combined with medium thin straight noodles, it's out of sight!
Tentenyu Kyoto Style Chinese Soba Noodles/en

5F Hakata Jinanbo Ramen


The creative arrangements used by this restaurants are popular even among ladies. Winner of the 2009 "Fukuoka Ramen Championships" broadcast on local television!
Hakata Jinanbo Ramen/en

5F Naniwa Hitokuchi Gyoza Ebessan


The motto is to make gyoza that brings out the original flavor of the meat by using careful and safe ingredients. Crispy taste in a one-bite size keeps your chopsticks moving. The "Perilla Gyoza" is made without garlic, thus popular among the ladies. This is the taste born from Osaka, the city of gourmet of fierce competition.
Naniwa Hitokuchi Gyoza Ebessan/en

5F Katsuura Tantanmen Katsuura Beach Style


A unique tantanmen covered in red ra-yu (chili oil). It is said that this was created to warm up the cold fisherment and amasan divers. It's not just hot, but the soy sauce based soup and the flavors of the ground pork, onions and garlic all stewed together is exquisite. The dish contributes to the revitilizing of the city of Katsuura as its main menu item.



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